Mohamed Al-Kindi  – Chief Executive Officer

Twenty Five years of fast and progressing experience in administration and management in both the public and private sectors. Also experienced in setting up a self-owned traditional business, developing it to a professional level and eventually competing in international market. Have joined a multimillion joint stock company in its infancy and developed its finance and administration departments and systems. Worked his way until his appointment as a managing director based on performance and appreciation of ability to lead and direct company to where its founders desired to achieve. Played a major role in setting up a consumer financing company and widened his experience to join a development company, restructured its capital and turned it into a profitable dividend paying company. Started with Majan development during its set up and managed to pass the market recession to a promising growth with projects adding difference in the market.

Arif Al Shanfari  – Deputy CEO

18 years of expertise in the field of Finance & Administration. Mr. Al Shanfari completed his Degree in (BA) from United Kingdom in 1996. In the same year he joined the best and largest Exploration and Production Company in Oman, worked for 12 years and moved few posts within Finance. In 2008, joined Majan Development Company to hold the role of Finance & Administration Manager, and was selected to be a member of the executive team, he moved a couple of positions within the company until his appointment in the current job. Result driven and with the ability to identify and facilitate action driven plans and take critical business decisions, ensuring cost control within budgeted parameters. Proficiency of streamlining financial operations and aligning them to the company’s financial objectives. Finding Legal and Shari’a solutions to all business requirements. Ensuring company’s policies are implemented, followed and updated. Mr. Al Shanfari holds a Masters in Real Estate Management.