Ghassan Khamis Al HasharIn the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful
Majan Development was set up as a S.A.O.C, in March 2008. The Company was established through the concerted efforts of a number of investment and financial institutions with long Middle Eastern and global experience in the finance and business sector. The increasing growth of the real estate investment sector in the Sultanate of Oman, along with the emergence of Oman as one of the promising hubs of urban development, creates an urgent need to establish a real estate investment company with a high degree of professionalism and credibility. A company that can contribute to a structured, efficient and well planned real estate investment sector, Majan Development has been set up to become one of the major companies to strengthen this vital sector, through the special skills and competencies that the Company offers, as well as the history and strength of its founders.

There is no doubt that the strategic planning pursued by Majan Development is formulated to positively support the urban and real estate development in the Sultanate and utilize the best investment opportunities in the market, to help achieve superior returns. Thus, Majan Development gives priority to the selection of strategic partners, who contribute in promoting the success ratio of all potential investments opportunities. The foundations and principles that the Company follows in its various transactions stem from our inherited values and ethics. These principles, similar to those followed by leading international companies in various parts of the world, are the essence of our transactions and projects. They are the successful elements that enable us to perform even in fluctuating global and economic climates across variable practices. Finally, we ask Allah the Almighty to help guide us, hoping that Majan Development will continue to move forward successfully.

Ghassan Khamis Al Hashar