Since its incorporation Majan Development sought to take pride in being part of real estate development in Oman, added quality and uniqueness. The belief in the potentials of the Omani market to enjoy and benefit from value addition to development in the sense of life style, convenience and variety of what Omanis aspire. After a number of small and medium size office and residential developments, Majan marketed its pioneer project “Al Muzn”, a mixed use development comprising of a retail center and a 3 Star business Hotel. The over whelming response and acceptance from investors to the project confirms trust in Majan’s ability to develop, lead and execute projects that enjoys potential of growth in nature as well as size. With the formation of Al Muzn, Majan would continue to ensure delivery of the project.Meanwhile, financial and marketing studies are being conducted on complementing projects in adjacent plots of Al Muzn. Majan promises to escalate all efforts to bring about innovative developments rewarding to its shareholders, investors and end users.

Mohamed Abdullah Al Kindi